For me the best looking strap i've ever had!!

Here are some pics from my brand new Tudor BlackBay with the blue bezel, but mainly, fitted with the new Black Bay strap from Monsieur Peter Gunny. he already offers the black version, here is the blue one! Amazing combo !

I received this recently from Peter.

A Leather style nato for the Vintage.

All Hail Gunny! By Maddog1970 – Watchuseek

I am sure that Gunny straps have been much lauded in this thread before, but I just got my first today and am blown away and wanted to share, just in case there is anyone out there on the fence!

Get one!

Peter Gunny strap for the 422, by Baco Noir – Rolex Forums

This was the other strap I ordered for the 422. Picked it up on Black Friday deal.


New strap for my rad 26/26mm, by : cxbxax – Panerai Source

Panerai Central: Peter, thank you for the opportunity to give Panerai Central an exclusive interview!

Peter: Not at all, thank you! I’m pleased to be featured on Panerai Central.