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Peter Gunny strap for the 422, by Baco Noir – Rolex Forums

This was the other strap I ordered for the 422. Picked it up on Black Friday deal.


Peter's straps are more rustic than Aaron's but softer/more pliable. Excellent quality.

Comments :

-      Looks awesome congrats

-      Very nice

-      Very nice! Enjoy.

-      Looks great

-      Thanks guys. It's my second from him and they are comfortable from day one.

-      Beautiful strap and watch. Those are incredible pictures as well.


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My new Gunny strap just arrived, by Friedl41 – Rolex Forums

Just received my new "honey" Gunny strap. (Peter is a super nice guy)

I wish I would have brought the screw driver to work ,,, see if I would not have listened to your comments and bought the 632 (instead of the 005) with springbars, i chould have changed the strap in the office with a paperclip.

what do you think - so far i can say it looks nice and is very soft ... reminds me my wotancraft 74

the strap on the watch is a wojtecki strap, which i bought in 2004 or 2005.

Comments :

-      Very nice congrats

-      Very nice

-      Very nice. looks like it's well made. Very distinctive from your current strap. I've recently become obsessed with bespoke Swiss Ammo straps. Long lead times and $$$ for the soft dark ones apparently.

-      and, just in case, you should have ZERO REGRETS with the 005 over the 632.

-      I have quite a collection of straps ... but maybe i should add an ammo strap as well

-      Looks great!

-      How about the OEM green canvas or the yellow croc? Love the PAV btw cool straps!

-      Looks great!

-      Nice!

-      Looks great!

-      here the wrist shot ,,, and yes, i wanted a longer tail of this time (maybe a little too long now, but i still like the look).



-      Great strap. A quality product.

-      Great strap and Fantastic 005! Russell.

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New Gunny straps for my 233, by martintyler – Rolex Forums

When I first got my 233 I got a few Toshi straps

I wanted something different next time and after a few emails with Pattyb69 decided on a couple of Gunny straps - the Caitlin 2 and Caitlin 4. I took some photos of them today.

The Caitlin 2 (the lighter one) is softer and really comfortable, but I like them both.


Comments :

-       Beautiful straps Martin! And those photos are awesome! Its such a pain in the a$$ to get a good photo of the 233 without reflecting yourself on the dome. Nice to see a quality photo of the Caitlin 4. I may have to add this to my strap list

-      Looks great

-      Gorgeous straps and pics! Well done.

-      LIKE!!! Both straps look great on your 233

-      Awesome photos too, well done, sir

-      Both of them look great

-      Nice pictures. Im going to look into these straps for my PAM 359

-      Looks fantastic! Especially the Caitlin 2.

-      I got mine yesterday!!  I asked for a slightly different formula, that's why it looks a little bit different from the regular design. The quality is really nice and the leather is soft and supple. (Maybe not as supple as the toshi storm grey but I believe it will after few days of wearing)



-      I recently ordered a Caitlin 1 from Gunny for my 305 (as well as an Amazon)...very impressed with Peter's straps!

-      He makes awesome straps. Gunny 74 on (305) and Gunny Chocolate on (233)


-      74 and Chocolate were both on my shortlist :) They look good

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