Gunny Straps Short Review on Watchuseek (part 1)

All Hail Gunny! By Maddog1970 – Watchuseek

I am sure that Gunny straps have been much lauded in this thread before, but I just got my first today and am blown away and wanted to share, just in case there is anyone out there on the fence!

Get one!

Get it now!

i have had soft straps before, but this thing is insane...

I went for the Caitlin 4, as I like contrast stitching, and the vintage bug is alive and well in me.....

my respect goes to the cow that gave it up for this strap, oh and for the dude that made it!

enough blab, pics:


Comments :

-      Nice!!! Those are some great looking straps - thanks for the positive review. I just placed my first custom strap order and was thiiiiissss close to going with Gunny, but went with Bosphorus instead.  

-      Very nice! My first Gunny is on the way. I ordered a minimalist gray....Also have a Toshi strap en route as well. Omega, I saw Bosphorus straps web site. They look great. Which one did you order?

-      I went with the vintage mustard and a green canvas - I'll definitely post photos and thoughts when they arrive!!

-      Those are a couple sweet looking watch-strap combinations! Well done!

-      Caitlin series are the straps that made Gunny famous. I personally love caitlin series and 74 serie.

-      lovely. great match with a PAM. I'm wearing a Gunny as i type but on a Steinhart. they are supper Nice soft yet sturdy. and best part for me is that i'm in the right hole. the result is a perfect fit.-      Wow looks great with that PAM! I have a Chocolate Fudge en route next week for my 510 and can't wait–hoping it's soft like my Gunny canvas and Caitlin 1. Also have a Kyros 74 being made and a Orloff gator heading out. Please help me :/


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wtma – Watchuseek

I have one canvas strap from Gunny, and have been very happy with them. Got another Gunny incoming. They are all not 5mm thick though, but as it's custom made you could just ask how thick you want it to be.


And yeah, bronze looks great on canvas.


dimon73 – Watchuseek

thanks for the tip! I'll e-mail Peter with inquiry. I have his straps already and am very happy with his creations.


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BB Red on Gunny strap, by kgbzz1 – Watchuseek

Just got the strap so thought I'd post a few photos....cheers.






Comments :

-      Looks good!

-      Beautiful! Such a great watch on strap, and the strap itself is fantastic.


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Custom Gunny RAF Strap for my Omega WWW, by captainjz16 – Watchuseek

Gunny always comes though with the best straps!


Comment :

-       So, you've bought the WWW! Congratulations. And, the strap looks great! Kind of a nice alternative to a NATO strap.


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AW (Apple Watch) on Peter Gunny Caitlin 2 Series, by Jim Glynn – Watchuseek

Thought it looked pretty good!



Comments :

-      Okay, yeah, that looks slick.

-      Looks really nice

-      Great style but I think it needs a 22mm width strap. Nice to see people trying out 3rd party straps though, I like it.


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Gunny is fast and this strap is awesome! By cba191 – Watchuseek


Comments :

-       Very attractive. Fits the Fortis perfectly.

-       Great shot. Beautiful combo. Very NICE!

-       Up for peter gunny, i have 2 straps from him and the quality is superb, congrats! yours looks very nice!

-       Beautiful strap, and I couldn't agree more about Peter, who is my favorite strapmaker. I own six of them and plan to order many more.



-       Great craftsmanship!


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mui.richard - Watchuseek

You might wanna try Gunny straps...his "Ocean 1 series" would fit the BB nicely, and the leather and workmanship is always top notch. I have 3 of his straps for my Heritage Ranger and they look great.

Google Gunny straps and you'll find his website.

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Speedmaster gets a Gunny! By psc81 – Watchuseek

Peter Gunny had put together this great NATO for my Speedmaster. The quality is top shelf and this strap looks great on the Speedy!

Comments :

-      Congrats on your great looking Gunny. I own two of his straps and consider him to be top-notch.

-      Nice -its amazing how versatile the Speedy is.

-      That's a cool looking nato strap. It looks great on your Speedy. Well done!

-      If I had the money for a SMP that's exactly how I'd want mine. Looks great!

-      Looks good. I can't bring myself to wear the Speedy on anything other than its awesome bracelet but I may have to try a leather nato. I used to have a Gunny Jancoux and it was a very nice strap.

-      nice !!-got one from peter some years ago also he made me a bund pad - lovely soft quality and thin enough to go thru even the narrowest of lug space

-      Looks great!!!! I like it and fits perfect.


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Pallet Spoon – Watchuseek                     

Peter Gunny ... Gunny straps made mine. He can stitch any color, add rivets like mine, whatever you like. He is one of the premier strap makers around here.

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Post up pictures of your Gunny Straps! By Shawnny – Watchuseek

I found a new favorite strap maker. Gunny Straps makes some incredible stuff. His NATOs are by far the best I have ever seen. Post up some picture of your Gunnys!

 Comments :

-       some of mine with gunny nato and bund [also from him] yes Peter's stuff is quality

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Got a new gunny strap today, by dmag – Watchuseek

Got a new gunny strap for my pam 312 today. Wife isnt crazy about how it matches with the watch. Im liking it. Its really comfortable and changes the dynamic of the look. what do you think??

Comments :

-      That looks awesome. I am thinking about a new strap for my 312 and that definitely changes the character of it.

-      You're not going to wear this one to a job interview anyway. I think this looks great on a Pam. Well done!

-      True. Thanks for the feedback. Most people on my job dont notice watches too much anyway

-      Likey! Adds a little something extra to your 312!

-      Looks great. The strap gives you a nice rustic look.

-      This looks great congrats on getting you new shoes for your PAM...

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New Gunny Strap...with pics! By ajbutler13 – Watchuseek

I just wanted to share a few pics of my new custom strap from Peter Gunny. Here's a brief background of the transaction:

June 4 -- I emailed Peter to place the order

July 2 -- Peter emailed me a pic of the completed strap

July 3 -- Strap shipped from Indonesia

July 9 -- Strap arrived at my door

I'm extremely pleased with EVERYTHING. The overall experience was as pleasant as possible and Peter's work is top-notch, as several of you already know.

So without further are a couple of "before pics" of my watch (Victorinox Infantry Vintage Mechanical Chronograph) on the stock strap:

And here are a couple of the new strap (Caitlin 3 with military green stitching):

These are just iphone pics that, trust me, do absolutely nothing to capture how great the watch/strap combo looks.

Anyway, I just wanted to share.

Comments :

-      Congratulations. Glad you are so pleased.

-      The stock strap looked pretty nice. The Gunny looks REALLY nice. Congrats and wear in good health.

-      Looks good mate!

-      When I used to build PAM homages I ended up buying one of his '317 series' for a special piece I was putting together. I honestly think it's the softest leather strap I've ever felt. Absolutely incredible. I'd highly recommend Gunny straps to anyone who is looking for something a bit different.

-      Thanks, guys. Yes, it's incredibly soft and supple. It also works perfectly with my Victorinox deployant.

-      Gunny straps always seem to look good =D

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Muhle Glashutte M29 Classic: Before and After, by ajbutler13 – Watchuseek

I purchased a Muhle Glashutte M29 Classic on the bracelet last month, although most prefer it on some sort of strap. Actually, I think the watch looks fine on stainless in person, much better than photos I've seen. The problem with the bracelet is the fit. There is no micro-adjustment, so it's either a little too loose or a little too tight. My solution to the problem was a Peter Gunny strap (the Art Deco #1, which arrived yesterday). I figured it would both look a little better than the bracelet, and also be more comfortable. Here are a few before and after pics, so you can judge for yourself whether it looks better on the leather :


Personally, I think the strap looks incredible. The color gradation in the leather ranges from reddish-brown to chocolate to nearly black. I love it. It's quite a bit more comfortable, too (no surprise), although it's stiffer than I suspected. I own a different Gunny strap that is by far the softest leather I've ever handled. The Art Deco comes up short in comparison, but is still quite nice.

So...improved comfort and much improved looks. Safe to say that the bracelet goes and the strap stays. The Muhle/Gunny combo is now my favorite, although the VSA shown below (with the super-soft Gunny) is a close second.

Comments :

-      I have never heard of Peter Gunny straps before, but the one you put on your Muhle Glashutte gives it another breath of life and makes it look like brand new. What a thing of beauty, congrats.

-      What a lovely strap. It looks very high quality.

-      I think it looks great on the leather, really brings the watch to life and gives it some depth! I had a look at Gunny Straps and like what he's got going on over there. My problem is going to be choosing, he has soooo many options! I'd like to have a distressed "vintage" style strap custom made for an Oris Aquis. I take it you recommend him, just curious if it was a fairly easy process?

-      Thanks, guys. I certainly agree that the strap takes the watch to another level. When it's completely broken in (and honestly, it feels better now at 5:30 PM than it did when I put it on this morning), I think it will be off the charts for me.

-      Zeroedout: I HIGHLY recommend Peter. The entire process is a breeze. You just email him what you want, and he makes it. He does a fantastic job communicating to make sure he makes exactly what you want him to make. The time from initial email to excitedly opening the package takes approximately 1 month (he's in Indonesia, I'm in Atlanta). PM me if you'd like more detail.

-      think that strap really brings the watch to life. With the dial being minimalistic, the stainless steel bracelet almost makes the watch seem too sterile. The warmth of the strap gives the watch real personality. Well done!


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My Gunny Strap Is In! Finally! By KangarueTheDay – Watchuseek

A few weeks ago, I ordered a strap from the famous Peter Gunny! I had heard nothing but good things about the quality of his straps and I am not disappointed! It finally arrived in the mail today and I immediately put it on. She is a beauty! I can't speak highly enough of the quality of this strap and I'm very excited I took a dive into getting this piece of leather art. You do, in fact, get what you pay for. I'll just have to find a way to get the bronze Helberg buckle on it. And, best of all, it's waterproof (or resistant). I posted a few pics below.

I may have to pick up his Halloween special just for the fun of it! Looks so cool!

Thanks, guys!

Comments :

-       Looks like you've put the strap on back to front :)

-       Nice!!!!!!!!!!!

-       Good call! Didn't even notice! I was too excited!

-       I may have to pick up his Halloween special just for the fun of it! Looks so cool! There's some twisted genius that went into that one!!

-       That's a nice combination. Well done!

-       Nice strap. Love gunny's and worth the wait.


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