Gunny Straps Short Review on Watchuseek (part 2)

Gunny bund pad coming! By shameless

hi -i have had several straps from peter and rather than pay for again for great but pricey strap and bund combo -asked him to make me a pad only that would compliment my existing straps should i be in the mood to use it -he will do it in any leather you choose as long as it is suitable for the job -he has made me up this very soft and flexible piece from his dark oil series -the photo he has sent wont show its lovely texture -just a thought for those who might only want to supplement a strap they all ready have for the job -many regards

Comments :

-      love peter's straps. Got a handful of bunds, I like to get them fitted for the watch that will go with them: the attached photo is one in shell cordovan. You realize you cannot wear that with black shoes, right?

-      that looks really cool set up -who says a bund cannot be elegant yours proves them wrong - -sent a pic of gunny nato and also a bund strap -the pad on this i filched from an army regimental id wrist band -paid £3.00 on ebay for it - ulta thin leather with lovely vintage patina gave it some beeswax and it moulds to the wrist -good luck my friend!

-      I like that cuff-style bund, very nice. the gunnys are great.


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Peter of Gunny Straps is a wonderful Seller ! By Spasha

Fedex just delivered my custom made Bund Style Dual Color Strap from Gunny Straps. Had seen this on their website and immediately liked the design and leather colors employed.

The owner of the store, Peter went out of his way and helped me in my selection and the sizes of the straps. I have ordered two different sizes of the straps to go with one bund pad.

The pad as well the straps are so soft and flexible that they have to be touched & felt to believe it. My order was completed much earlier than the agreed period too. Overall I rate the product / services as Excellent and prices as very competitive. Would like to recommend very highly to any watch enthusiast. 

Good luck and best wishes to Gunny Straps unitl next order.



Comments :

-      Got picture?

-      Totally agree. Just got a Gunny NATO. His price was fair, communication was great. Got a picture when my strap was complete and confirmation of my shipping address before it was sent. Best of all, I love the strap. I will certainly order more from him in the future.

-      I've got 5 of his straps and they are tops.

-      hi -i agree he is really good to deal with and his stuff is great -i have several straps and a beautiful soft leather nato -and just had him make me this dark oil bund pad only rather than make a complete bund strap -as its easy to mix and match various straps i have

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P-51 on Peter Gunny Strap, by Timeless Luxury Watches

We just got a P-51 in on trade and I put it on a Peter Gunny strap. I love the way it looks

Comments :

-      Wow! Absolutely stunning.

-      I might have to get one just like this for my MB2! Nice set up man.

-      That looks sensational.

-      Beautiful. Missed this sale by an hour so I just picked up a orange MBII. I won't give up till i have the P-51 though :)

-      looks unreal . that strap is extremely flattering.

-      Looks amazing, quick question - how soft is the leather? I'd love something already broken in.

-      Looks tempting ....!!!

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Gunny Caitlin 2 : New Arrival !! by Nishant

This week I took delivery of a bunch of cool straps ... Caitlin 2 is the first off the bunch ! Custom made to a thickness of 6 mm, the strap is more supple than it looks .. very rustic and surely a departure from the more classic straps out there for your Panerai.

RUGGED COMFORT is my way of putting it out there. The Verdi was already my favorite on 305 and now I have a Fudge and the series 74 Gunny waiting in the queue after I am done with Montana Love for my Sub .. The Craziness Never Ends !!  Next Up will be my Delaurian strap waiting on the shelf and a Zeugma that has been calling my name too ..

Here is a collage of the Caitlin 2 on PAM 177 ..



Comments :

-      It looks perfect in the 177

-      243, 305, and now a 177. You sir are a blessed man. It looks fantastic as usual.

-      Show us that 74 strap!

-      Looks great. Congrats!!!

-      You bought a nice strap

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Gunny NATO Strap Arrived! by Lazycollegekid

After Ordering It a couple weeks back, my nato from Gunny Straps Finally arrived

Its extremely soft leather, and it looks and feels really well made.

PS* sorry about the picture quality these were all taken on my Cell phone

Here Is the Watch I plan to put it on.

I highly reccomend ordering from Gunny Straps, Peter is truly an artist.


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"50 Shades of Grey" Gunny Strap for Benarus Ti-47 Grey Dial, by Time Collector

Here are pictures of my Gunny strap.

I used my son's sneakers and hat for the grey contrast.

Comments :

-      Looks great!

-      Very nice combination. Great choices on both.

-      I don't think a lot of people realize how difficult it is to find a really nice gray strap ... unless they have looked for one. That is great!

-      Amazing combo!!! Well done!

-      Peter at Gunny Straps makes a killer strap for sure, and I absolutely love the combo that you paired up!!!

-      Looks great! I have a couple of his straps, love them.

-      Dang I miss my Ti47... As for the pairing, awesome.

-      Nice strap and watch, and excellent combination of greys there! Congrats!

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Ti Seawolf + Gunny strap = great thread.

I've been kind of busy lately and finally had the time to take a few pictures of my new Gunny 84 strap on a Seawolf. Peter makes a 74 series for Panerai and I asked him to make a 84 marked strap in reference to Breitlings founding in 1884.

I think it turned out great. The strap is made from water resistant leather so I've been taking it to the beach, and the bronze threading has a very nice soft color to it. Here are the pics:

... and a beach pic.

Comments :

-      That is a very nice strap, Jimmy! Also, you have admirable photograph skills!

-      Thank you, Ive learned a lot from the photography forum. I have a long way to go before Im up to the level of many WUS members though.

-      oh man! the photo is very very good JimmyBoots! I fully agree with Spit161

-      It looks fantastic on the strap. I will definitely consider a Gunny for my B-2. Excellent beach pic too.

-      So, how do I get a similar strap? It looks great. However, I'd like either white or blue stitching.

-      wow! that is a great combo!

-      I am not a big fan of the yellow dial, but this combination looks fantastics!

-      Very nice combo. I too would like to know how to contact the maker. I think it would look good on my Steelfish. Thanks for the post and great photo's, keep them coming!! Best health, Frank.

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Gunny strap for my EP Pilot, by ohnedich6

Just got my Gunny strap mounted on my EP Pilot, and added a scratch to the caseback to boot, what do you all think? The strap is a Brutal Black by Gunny. And the stratch is near the screw in the picture below, think it'll buff out during servicing in a few years?

Comments :

-      The strap looks good. And as far as the scratch goes, forget it! I should show you the horrendous blister on the bezel of my ChronoMaster at 4:00! Annoying but my motto is: watches were made to be worn! And I never intend to sell it anyway.....

-      the strap matches the aesthetic of the watch - not a bad choise. The scratch? Trivial - agree with Hartmut - forget it.

-      It's not bad. I go hot and cold on straps with white stitching. Just remember you can color it in with a black marker if you want to make the look more formal

-      Thanks all! I had to switch it up from the original brown strap, it just wasn't my style. I agree with you Hartmut about buying a watch to wear it, i was mainly just curious if when it went in for a service it could possibly be buffed out in a few years. Hartmut do you happen to have a pic of that blister on your ChronoMaster you could share? On a side note, i can't wait to see what Basel brings this year from Zenith!!!

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My 1st Auto (Speedbird3 on Gunny Nato), by auto(matt)ic

Hi All, this is my first post in the WUS community.

As the title says; this is my first automatic watch. I had Peter make the strap made using his GCS leather (no stamp, brushed hardware) and I applied a layer of mink oil that darkened the leather slightly.

Comments :

Welcome! nice looking pilot watch congratulations!, it's around the 38-40mm size right?

-      Greetings to Toronto, nice city! I have a good friend there!

-      Yes Jose, it is as 39mm case, and thank you for the welcome

-      Congrats!

-      A great classic looking aviator. Welcome to watch affliction...hahaha.

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Custom Gunny Strap "74" Series on Homage, bu picklepossy

I just received my second Gunny Strap who is actually making me now a third one. This band is a "74" Series. His work and detail is excellent and totally makes his straps look vintage. I have attached some pictures of his work on my MM Homage 1950. Other strap was made for my Marathin CSAR "Verdi Series". The third one he is making is for my 1963 Vintage Omega Seamaster"Butter Serie". Enjoy.

Comments :

-      That is genuinely cool

-      Looks AWESOME!

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U1 on Gunny, by mattcantwin

Finally got a chance to post some pictures of the U1 on the Gunny strap.

Guess I'm not a purist, as I am using the PVD buckle I bought for the Bathys Aquaculture I had.

Although it does not match the case, it seems to complement the Gunny strap very well.

This last shot was taken at the Lincoln Memorial this past weekend.

Comments :

-       I'd be proud to wear that!

-       Awesome combination. Thanks for posting.

-       Terrific looking strap combo~Cheers!

-       the mismatched buckle dosen't mean much when the watch is worn anyways. nice combo!

-       Looks really good

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U1 on distressed Gunny, by jstroh

After wearing my U1 on the bracelet for months, I decided to try it out on a Gunny distressed leather strap. I like it a lot, but I wonder if others do. What say you, Sinn fans?

Comments :

-       Looks awsome! Im self waiting for a U1 to arrive to my door. Got inspired to try out som leather straps...!

-       The one thing I don't like about Sinn U series watches is the lugs length. Any strap that is slightly thicker than normal and you have a problem installing it. Looking at your pic, it looks like the strap could be a little wider, but I have to say it is a very nice combination.

-       I had no problem installing this 5mm-thick strap, but its width is a tad too small, as you noted. It's not as noticeable on the wrist. The macro shot exaggerates the shortness.

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Hamilton BelowZero on Caitlin 1 Peter Gunny Strap, by picklepossy

Pictures of my BelowZero with a Gunny strap. I am extremely happy with Peter's work. One of many straps ordered from him and it is for sure worth the wait. Enjoy!!!!

Comments :

-      Very nice! Enjoy the new strap

-      Looks great. Nice!

-      This model is really growing on me. And yours looks great on that strap!

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Some Divers with Gunny Straps, by ubc1520


Time for a change. So I placed an order with Peter Gunny for some of his uniquely styled straps. L-R:

Jancoux 2 on Citizen AutoZilla;

Jigsaw on PAM111; and

2010 on PRS-20 LE.

Like the other members on this forum, Peter is a talented strap maker and a pleasure to work with.




Comments :

-      I have to say, that light strap on the right absolutely MAKES the watch. It looks AWESOME!!

-      Pete definitely crafts some beauties. Nice picks.

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