Pilot Serie Gunny Straps Review

Pilot Style Strap, by MartyB – Panerai Source

I thought a 'Pilot style' strap with rivets might look nice on my PAM 091 so I ordered this one (modified Caitlin 2 Series) from Gunny Straps. Just thought people might like to see what it looks like. Marty.



Comments :

- Interesting look you have there. Gunny makes some nice straps. I have one on my Bell & Ross BR03.. not sure about rivets for me but I can see the appeal. To be quite honest, I don't even like rivets on my Pilot watches most of the time. I don't mind it for once in a while, but regular wear I prefer not.

- Nice, liking that. Rivets look good on the 91, been meaning to buy a gunny for some time now.


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